Fall Annual Meeting

The Cumberland Association will hold its Fall Meeting

Sunday, October 2, 2016, 2:30 to 4:30 pm

at The Congregational Church in Cumberland, 282 Main Street (Route 9, at the intersection with Blanchard and Tuttle Roads), Cumberland

Reports, nominations, and a proposed budget are available HERE.  Please make sure each delegate has these reports prior to the meeting.  We hope to move through the business part of the meeting efficiently, leaving as much time as we can for the guest speaker, Reza Jalali, advisor to multicultural and Muslim students at USM and Bowdoin College, and the author of Homesick Mosque and Other Stories.

Church and Ordination Anniversaries Celebrated

The Spring Cumberland Association Meeting, Sunday, April 24,the following congregations and clergy celebrating anniversaries (x5) in 2016 were recognized:


  • Williston-Immanuel United Church UCC/ABC                   5 years (2011)
  • East Raymond Chapel UCC                                                 70 years (1946)
  • Stevens Avenue Congregational UCC                             130 years (1886)
  • Casco Village Church UCC                                                 175 years (1841)
  • High Street Congregational Church UCC, Auburn         190 years (1826)
  • Foreside Community Church UCC, Falmouth                205 years (1811)
  • First Congregational UCC, North Yarmouth                   210 years (1806)
  • First Congregational UCC, Durham                                 220 years (1796)
  • Minot Center Congregational UCC                                  225 years (1791)
    • Kelli Whitman              5 years
    • Annette Mott               5 years
    • Leslie Foley                10 years
    • Ezra Chapola             15 years
    • Susan Gilpin              20 years
    • Dana Reed                 30 Years
    • Kent Allen                  35 years
    • Linda Gard                 35 years
    • Robert Morse            40 years
    • Joanne Painter          45 years
    • John McCall               45 years
    • Bill Gregory                50 years
    • Rebecca Erb               50 years
    • Raymond Williams    55 years
    • Garvey MacLean       55 years

Our Spring meeting has become a celebration of the ministries of churches and pastors.  At this meeting we heard the pastors at First Parish in Yarmouth relate the process and results of their congregation’s re-invention of itself, reorganizing from a structure that took WAY too many people to fill out to something leaner, more flexible, more nimble and right for 2016.   High Street folks talked about the hospitality of their Food Pantry Ministry.  Steve Gray, a member of one of the Maine Conference’s new interest groups, the Anti-Racism Task Force, advocated for congregations’ participation in a Juneteenth Challenge.  Bryan Breault was also with us, bringing a show and tell–slides of Pilgrim Lodge’s new Dining Hall, Quitobaquito, soon to be dedicated!   Last, but not least, a very generous offering from the attendees has been put in the Scholarship Fund for seminary study.

Throughout the meeting, our hosts at High Street provided wonderful beverages and munchies.  YAY!   Thank you!

2016 Fellowship Dues Rates and IRS Mileage Rates

from your Association Treasurer

2016 Fellowship Dues for the Cumberland Association and for the Maine Conference will remain at 2015 levels:    Conference:  $15.08/member    Association:  $1.65/member. 

2016 Fellowship Dues for each church are calculated on the number of members as of December 31, 2015.  If you did not file your statistics with the UCC, your church’s dues were calculated on the most recent statistics filed.  Staff at the Maine Conference Center have agreed to manually enter stats for congregations which did not file online; contact them at conference@maineucc.org.

Dues statements were mailed to Cumberland Association congregations on March 21, 2016. Both Conference and Association Dues are paid to the Cumberland Association via the Treasurer:  Rev. Linda Gard, 30 Gloucester Hill Road, New Gloucester, ME 04260.

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be: 54 cents per mile for business miles driven, down from 57.5 cents for 2015.     The tax-deductible mileage rate for volunteers (not employees) driving in service of charitable organizations:  $.14/mile (set by federal statute, not the IRS, and does not change annually).  For an official IRS chart of mileage rates for the past several years, click HERE.