The Cumberland Association of Churches & Ministers is one of the eight regional Associations within the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ, which has offices in Augusta.  Most member churches may be found in the Greater Portland area, as far north as Auburn, as far south as Scarborough, and along the coast to Brunswick.

The Association meets annually in April and September.  These Association Meetings call together all clergy, delegates from each congregation, Members In Discernment, and visitors.  The April meeting typically focuses on topical workshops, and the Fall meeting is reserved for electing officers and conducting other Association business.  Each meeting is held on a Sunday afternoon and begins with a short opening worship service attended by the pastor and four delegates (including one youth delegate) from each of the member churches, as well as other clergy with standing in the Association(e.g. retirees, chaplains, pastoral counselors).  Following the meeting, there is usually a time for fellowship and refreshments.

Between annual meetings, the Association’s work is accomplished by an Executive Council composed of the Moderator, Vice-moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Chair of the Church & Ministry Committee, Chair of the Nominating Committee, the Association’s Conference Commission Representatives(no representatives since Conference restructure), and two Members-at-Large.

Through its Church & Ministry Committee, the Association authorizes and grants standing to individuals for various forms of ministry within and for the United Church of Christ in and around Cumberland County in the State of Maine.

Historically speaking, the Cumberland Association is the successor organization to the Cumberland Association of Congregational-Christian Churches & Ministers, which first met in 1823.

Cumberland Association Bylaws