Directory of Churches

Download or print out this handy Directory of Cumberland Association Churches.  Complete with church addresses, phones, websites, and pastors’ names, every minister and church office should have one on hand!

The Directory of Churches was updated February 13, 2018.  (Send any corrections/additions to 

Please note that our member congregations are now also listed on the website–the column to the right. Clicking on any church name shown in bold face type will take you directly to that church’s website.  If your congregation has a website and the name isn’t in bold, please send a web address to, and we’ll link your site.  Thank you!  We hope this is helpful.

Directory of Supply Preachers

Download or print out this listing of Clergy with standing in the Cumberland Association who may be available for supply preaching.  We make every effort to keep this list current. We would also like to add information such as remuneration required, distance willing to travel, special interests/topics. Please contact Association Clerk Harry Marsters with corrections or additions. The Supply Preachers list was updated August 25, 2016. lkg


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