Executive Council


Woodfords Church, Woodford Street, Portland

The Association’s Executive Council meets monthly at Noon on the second Tuesday at Woodfords Congregational Church in Portland (subject to change in summer months).

Current bylaws specify that Council members are the Association officers and committee chairs, the Association’s representatives to the Maine Conference’s Coordinating Council and Witness Life Commission, and two members-at-large.

While the Maine Conference transitions to a new governing structure, and former Coordinating Council and Commissions are being replaced by other entities, the Council has invited the Association’s Conference Deacons to attend its meetings, as well as the Cumberland representative to the Conference Mission Implementation Team, and the Conference Coordinating Council’s Cumberland representative at the time the Coordinating Council was disbanded.

Rev. Raymond Clothier(member, High Street, Auburn), Moderator & Chair, Nominating Committee
Sue Stevens  (South Portland), Vice Moderator
Harry Marsters (Stevens Avenue), Clerk
Rev. Linda Gard (New Gloucester), Treasurer
Rev. Stephen Gray (Brunswick), Chair, Church & Ministry Committee
Rev. Stephen Carnahan (Auburn, High Street), Member-at-Large 
Rev. Marcia Charles (Scarborough, Blue Point), Member-at-Large
Rev. Garvey MacLean (South Portland), Member-at-Large
Also welcome to attend Executive Council meetings ex officio are the Association Deacons (formerly Conference Deacons): Karl Anderson (Gorham, North Gorham, Highland Lake, Pride’s Corner, Westbrook-Warren), Sue Stevens (Scarborough Blue and First, State Street),  Judene Dyer (Cumberland, Falmouth First and Foreside, North Yarmouth),  Anne Roundy (Brunswick and 4 Mid-coast Association Congregations),